Teddys Story

So why have a story about me I hear you say.

Simple really, without me there is no yard. That's is how it is. I run the joint. Nothing gets past me without my say so.

You want a riding lesson - ask me
You want to go hacking - I'll ask my friends
You want to do showjumping - I check who is available to to teach you
You try to leave without paying -  well I know where you live, I will find you and eat all the flowers in your garden, run over your lawn and leave hoof prints and finaly leave a big parcel on your doorstep.

I let Kayleigh, Lara's daughter think she's my owner but that how you keep these 2 legged horses happy.

They like to use me for lead rein lessons and I sometimes let Kayleigh take me out for a walk in the woods.

On the horse side of things I have a couple of guys that work for me called Big Ben and Oscar.  I let them share my field in exchange for some chaff and a bag of nuts a week. I think that's a pretty good deal.


Something I do love is running round the school on my own. They call it loose schooling and excercise but I call it rounding up the humans and I always win as they always stay in the middle.

When you visit, if you do have an iPod that I can listen to please bring it as I do love a bit of Girls Aloud.

While I have you here check out my christmas pics. I had one too many mince pies and brandy that day.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention ... watch me when the farrier or dentist are around. Not a big fan so play hard to get with those guys.

All in all I rock and if you are mates with me you'll go far.  Tell your friends about me and to read my blog.