2nd April 2016 NFU Mutual National Quiz Finals - held at Addington Equestrian Centre, Bucks

4 Members of Silvermere's Pony Club qualified for the above finals: Cadence Webley, Kayleigh Lubin, Maddie Skeldon & Georgia Stanton,  they were competing against 10 other qualifying Pony Club Centres & 19 Branches.  The Centres and Branches are scored seperate.

 The Quiz was divided into 8 rounds as follows:

Round 1 = The Pony Club, Round 2 = Rider Tack & Turnout for Rallies, Competitions and Hunting, Round 3 = Well Known Equestrian Venues in the UK, Round 4 = The Numbers Game & Missing Words, Round 5 = Practical Round (Individual), Round 6 = Points of the Horse & know your horse's ailments, Round 7 = Picture Round, Round 8 = All the Queen's Horses

The RESULT.... TEAM SILVERMERE WON! We are so very proud of them all - Huge Congratulations to Cadence, Kayleigh, Maddie & Georgia who have spent practically every breathing moment studying.  We are so proud of you all