The horses at Silvermere Equestrian Centre

At Silvermere we are very proud of our horses and provide our riders with the very best horses and ponies whilst providing them with beautiful surroundings, care and stabling.  Here are some of our 4 legged friends:


Alfie - 13.1hh black gelding born 1999.  I joined the team at Silvermere in 2008 and am very popular with the children.  I am excellent to hack and enjoy jumping too.  I do my best to look after the smallest of riders and know they have fun riding me.  I look forward to seeing you for a lesson.

Benson - 17hh black gelding born 1998.  I am head, shoulders and withers above the rest!  Poetry in motion I say!  I am very popular with the more advanced riders as I can work beautifully in the school.  You will have the best view when hacking in the woods on me!  I love my best friend Magpie

Big Ben - 16.1hh Shire x gelding.  As my name suggests - I am rather big!  I am the gentle giant of the riding school.  I am used by all sorts of clients from complete beginners to the more advanced.  Sadly Ben is no longer with us but I can't bring myself to delete him from here.  He was such a wonderful special boy and is greatly missed - I hope he is galloping free with the angels xxxx

Bobby - 15hh Cob gelding born 2003.  I arrived at Silvermere in May 2011 and immediately settled in well.  I have previously competed in many dressage competitions.  I am used by all abilities and have a lovely nature.  They say I am a mini Big Ben as we both look similar and have attractive moustaches!

Charlie - 13.1hh piebald gelding born 2001.  I am a very handsome boy and totally love attention.  I am very good on the lunge and enjoy jumping and polo crosse - in fact there isn't anything that I can't do!  When you are ready to learn to canter - come and find me!

Dora - 17.1hh chestnut mare born 2003.  I arrived at Silvermere in 2010 and the staff have helped me to gain weight and muscle condition.  I am a gentle giant and love to hack in the woods.  I am ridden by adults of all abilities.  You won't be able to miss me I have very long legs and a droopy bottom lip!

Echo - 13hh chestnut gelding born 1992.  I am capable of teaching nervous beginners and more experienced riders.  I give my riders lots of confidence learning to jump and am great to lunge too.  If you like to ride in the woods, I will look after you on one of our great hacks.  I also enjoy jumping, polo crosse and gymkhana games


Harry - 13.2hh traditional piebald gelding born 1999.  Full name = Hocus Pocus Harry but you can call me cute, handsome, stunning - ok I'll stop now but all of the above is true!  I'm great in lessons and love hacking and polo crosse too.  Book a lesson and see for yourself just how handsome I really am!

Holly - 12hh bay mare.  I joined Silvermere in 2010.  I've been there, done pony club and won many rosettes along the way.  I am really really pretty - easily the prettiest mare on the yard I would say!  I really am so cute you will want to take me home!  I love my work here and even enjoy polo crosse.  Form a queue children as I can only take you one at a time!

Jasper - 13.1hh bay gelding born 1997.  I am a superb schoolmaster for all ages - in fact I can turn my hooves to just about anything - even polo crosse!  I've heard it said that I am really popular and it's not just for my good looks!  Be warned... I love to lick people!

Lilly - 12.3hh bay mare born 2003.  I am a welsh section b and am used for lead rein lessons.  I arrived at Silvermere in 2011 with my best friend Rosie - she can neigh really loud!

Dandino - 14hh Cob Gelding born 2004.  I'm so lucky to be owned by Kayleigh (Lara's daughter) I've been here since 2012 and am used for a variety of lessons.  When I first came here I didnt know how to canter. I now know how to to walk to canter transitions with ease.

Oscar - 15.1hh dark brown gelding born 1999.  Now...calm down everyone, you can't all ride me at once!  I am the perfect schoolmaster and very popular with teens and adults.  I am best friends with Big Ben.  Form an orderly queue and you may be lucky enough to ride me!

Percy - 15.2hh blue and white gelding born 2001.  I arrived at Silvermere in 2011 and I adore people - in fact sometimes I think I am one!  I am used by all abilities and enjoy going out in the woods with my friends.  I am very cuddly - Lara thinks I should have been a teddy bear!  Although my actual true colour is blue and white I somehow regularly manage to change to brown and white - can't think how!!

Roxy - 15.1hh grey mare born 2003.  I arrived at Silvermere in 2010 and have impressed the staff with my talents.  I am used by all abilities.



Shakira - 16.1hh piebald mare born 2004.  I belong to Lara (Proprietor) and really enjoy doing dressage.  I love to show off my flashy paces to anyone that's watching.  Lara purchased me in 2008 and I surprised everyone here by giving birth to Tia.  You won't be able to miss me - I am the princess of the yard and I have natural highlights in my mane and can often be heard smacking my lips!  I am only ridden by Lara or staff when escorting hacks.

Smartie - 14.3hh piebald cob gelding born 2002.  I am ridden by adults and children of all abilities and am also a good jumper.  I am a safe and steady hack.  For some reason I seem to go in the shower room more than the others!  I can't help it if the mud seems to stick to me like glue!

Teddy - 7.2hh chestnut falabella x shetland gelding born 1998.  I am the yard mascot/boss - don't let my size fool you - I really do keep everyone here in order!  I am used for lead rein and private lessons and enjoy going out in the woods too.  I am a lovely character - come and see how cute I really am!

Twinkle - 13.2hh dapple grey mare born 2000.  I am simply stunning!  I am a very responsive ride and I know that you will want to ride me again and again.  I love to jump and am ridden by small adults and children.  Hurry up and book a lesson and see for yourself just how gorgeous I really am!