Group or private riding lessons

Joining in on a group lesson is a great way to make new friends and to further your riding.

We aim to get all of our riders to join onto group lessons. This is an excellent way to share your experiences and spend time with others who are learning.  You will find that just by being in the arena with other riders, you will pick up a lot by watching and listening.

And best of all for you it is cheaper than a private lesson, but better than that if you buy lessons in advance we offer a discount so ask the guys about it and see what you can save.

If you would prefer to have private lessons with us then we can cater for that. We often recommend that new riders have a few introductory lessons so that gives us a chance to work with you and get the basic principles in place so you can then join a beginners group lesson.

Alternatively, some riders simply prefer to ride alone during their lesson as this gives you the undivided attention of your instructor.