Dressage lessons

Taking your riding to the next level is a great way to stay focussed and get the most from your riding lessons

As many of our riders progress from the basics, we begin to focus their attention on the subtleties that can take the most basic moves and fine tune them.  This could be anything from your core balance to elevating the trot or collecting the canter.

After you have been working on the fundamentals of riding you will find it particularly useful to breakdown and work on the basic moves in more detail.

Just something as simple as targetting your rising trot will have a massive impact on the horses way of going as you improve both harmony and balance on your horse.

With all of our more advanced lessons we look at sending you away after your lesson with new ideas and with new thoughts to consider. Much of what you will be learning can be improved if you spend time thinking and trying to understand what you are meant to be feeling and achieving.

Working in a progressive fashion, our first aim is to develop relation and regularity, teaching the horse to swing and stretch through his back in order to build the top-line muscles, as he reaches forward for the bit. 

With much of this work you will begin to find a lighter feel and the subtle controls become more apparent.

Taking it further

We not only work on the training aspect in a normal lesson environment. During our dressage lessons we will often work on dressage tests.  Using the tests is a great way to see exactly how the rider is progressing and gives you a target to aim for.